Typhoon Cafe brings the “Taste of Taiwan” to heart of Singapore. A concept that unifies Taiwan’s unparalleled flavours, obsession for artisan fruit teas and larger-than-life desserts set in cafe-style comfort.

Located along Singapore’s hottest shopping district, one no longer have to endure
“夜市” crowds and compromise sleep to get a Taiwan food fix – Typhoon Cafe is located right in sunny Singapore’s Plaza Singapura. Name inspired by “台风” (which also means Typhoon) is an abbreviation of “台湾风味” which means Taste of Taiwan, expect to complete a meal with iconic dishes from the famed food capital like Classic Lu Rou Fan, Oyster Omelette to Decadently Adorned Coffin Toast and flavoursome fruit teas. Going beyond the streets, Typhoon Cafe births its very own signature dishes like Australian Beef Short Rib with Wuxi Maltose Glaze and Crispy Whole Pork Knuckle with Taiwanese Chilli Jam; their intense flavors will not disappoint.

Typhoon Cafe is designed to simulate a hole-in-the-wall cafe along Taiwan’s quaint Fujian Cafe Street, the casual unpretentious restaurant is perfect for any time of the day from quick lunches for student/professionals to afternoon high teas and even after work casual dinner with family!